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The S.L.O.W. Tech Incubator

An earn/learn model that adds specific technology to no or low tech cultural engaged businesses to create marketplaces & improve opportunities for success [Sustainable Local Organic Work + Technology]


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Economic Justice

Economic justice encompasses the moral principles which guide us in designing our economic institutions. The ultimate purpose of economic justice is to free each person to engage creatively in the unlimited work beyond economics, that of the mind and the spirit.


Social Justice

Social justice also imposes on each of us a personal responsibility to collaborate with others, at whatever level of the “Common Good” in which we participate, to design and continually perfect our institutions as tools for personal and social development.


Restorative Justice

Restorative justice has been defined as a process through which parties with a stake in a specific offence collectively resolve how to deal with the aftermath of the offence and its implications for the future.

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