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Economic Justice

From a story of just us to one of justice

ECOSYSTEM & The farmacy

Emerging, rooting & growing an ecosystem composed of householders, smallholders, micro & specialty growers and producers for the economic benefit of all.


Before there was a pharmacy, we turned to food as our medicine, relying on the Farmacy to keep us healthy. Working with farms of all sizes, we seek to return to that community tool to root deepen health, which is the true wealth.


wealth production engine

Investing in the productive capacity of these places & populations with historically diminished access to opportunities to seed, root, build & keep wealth local. Reawakening the role of stewardship of the land and its people.

home in all its power and forms

The power of home is universal and its forms are many & varied.

In its most basic incarnation, it provides shelter from the storm, a place to safely lay your head. Expanded, it is the foundation from which to launch dreams.

grassroots marketplace

The Grassroots Marketplace is a scalable duplicable retail model supporting community-based ‘grassroots’ shops. It is an accessible cornerstone that works in partnership with the virtual marketplace.

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