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Bene Esse

a S.P.R.O.U.T. product

Bene Esse is a semi-portable, regenerative and organic solution for communities and landowners by delivering sustainable economic development and well-being for communal living

Farm 1


  • Accelerate development by leveraging virtual community before physical amenities 

  • Build physical amenities with assistance of curated virtual community members

  • Launch physical community with vested community of stewards

  • Virtual community provides self-funded operations for community services

  • Model employs bio-intensive and anti-fragile principles to improve while under duress

We had the a-ha about the Anti-Fragile Playbook in August 2020.


Over the last 3 years we have evolved the concept through an Anti-Fragile "learning lab" called Tannehill Marketville Collective, testing and reporting on the vision as we go.


Over time, we developed the S.P.R.O.U.T. product to work with landowners and other cornerstone partners to develop revenue streams for their land, while building a virtual and, in some cases, a collective housing solution to address issues facing everyone at this time: sustainable economy, affordable housing, meaningful work, deepened community connection and moving from making a living to making a life.


Kent Dahlgren (214 Alpha) created this video to share the story, we also discuss it in this episode of the Anti-Fragile Playbook podcast. 

Green Farm

Merge health with food quality wealth, with a variety of educational opportunities


Identify, protect and extend value of natural and constructed water sources


Reclaiming the power of the household to create sustainable economic solutions


To emerge and activate natural, innovative, creative elements for the purpose of learning, teaching, earning and rooting the creative energy that drives a sustainable economy

Rebalance mind, body and spiritual health in alignment with the local ecosystem

An intentional cultural strategy promotes the importance of creating a balance between community, culture and commerce, and the fuel for this engine is creativity. 



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